MGT317 University of Michigan Samsung Diversification Event Essay

Writing instruction

This is a very good opportunity to exam how well you are able to apply what you have learned from

the class to the real events in the world. Every student is required to write a brief analysis, about 1.5-2 pages long, word count at least 400 double space, font 12, times new roman, and 1” margins, discussing an ongoing event concerning issues of strategic management that have been taught in class. You are required to use the concepts and theories learned from the class to analyze a current event in the business world. You are also required to make a short presentation to the class and answer questions.

The presentation will be evaluated by four criteria: (1) relevancy to strategic management (10points), (2) quality of analysis (20points), (3) answers to questions (10points), and (4) clarity and organization of presentation (10points).