MGT 324 Saginaw Valley Disney Company Operations Management Analysis PPT

Here is the details:

report on an organization of your choice and approved by the instructor. The paper

should include a SWOT analysis, how the Ten Strategic Operations Management Decisions

are utilized and your recommendations. Additional topics to consider are Lean

methodologies, Six Sigma and Innovation. The written report will be at least 6 but no more than 10 pages in length (

excluding : cover page, references, bibliography, charts/graphs, diagrams and appendix). It must be double-spaced,

Times New Roman, 12 font. The paper must have topic headings and show page number and

total number of pages in the footer (Pg. x of x). A staple in the top left-hand corner of the

document is required. A hard copy and electronic copy of the paper and presentation are to be

provided to the instructor.

( The organization i chose is Disney)