MGMT630 UMUC Organizational Theory and Behavior Digital Technology Analysis

Impact of Technology: An Essay on the Expanding Role for Management

Digital advances are changing all aspects of managing–how we work, where we work, who we work with, and yes, even when we work.Today, one out of three major companies have technology as a focal point within executive plans; this fact contrasts to two years ago, when one out of four companies emphasized digital technology.There is now broad acceptance of digital strategy as a game changer.

But, major digital trends need strategic or planned attention for managing effectively.The professionals, who have thought carefully about the expanded role of digital technology and its strategic impact, will have advantage. These reasons explain why you are asked to write this essay.

The essay assigned is based on your personal observations, experiences, and thoughts about the impact of digital technology, coupled with research into current trends.The assignment has three (3) parts, or main sections: A review of digital technology trends across organizationsObservations about your workplace–a view of the “real” world explaining what software does and doesn’t do, as you experience technology to accomplish work goals.Your advice on how managers should approach technology to be more effective

SOURCE MATERIAL:For this essay, you will be asked explain some of the digital technology trends, using sources developed by experts. To find a list of source materials, see later section of the Guide.

Please ensure this paper is wrtten and cited all in APA format