MATH 105 Final Exam Summer 2019


You may take as long as you like on this exam, but you must complete and submit to your assignment folder by Sunday, July 14.

· The online text will be a valuable resource as you work on these problems.

· Please submit your work in the LEO assignment folder in one of these ways:

o typed into the Word copy of the problem set, using Word’s equation editor and saved as a single file

o typed using an equation editor into a new blank document and saved as a single file

o neatly handwritten, scanned, and saved as a single file 

· You MUST show all of your work to receive full credit. If you have questions about showing work, please ask. 

· The Final Exam is open book and open notes. You may refer to your textbook, notes, and online classroom materials, but you may not consult with anyone in person or online. You may not use any online service to solve any of the problems.