Marriott Hotel, management homework help

Marriott Hotel

Background of your industry. Define the industry ( history, size, revenues) Financial health of the industry as a whole. Other important factors. What is currently happening in this industry?The major companies in the industry and the market share of each. (a table would also be very good here!).

2. Who are the major players in this industry?

Choose the three-five* major (largest) competitors in your industry. (These should be the top companies.) Each team member should investigate (see source list) one competing company and visit the website for that company and the company info site on Mergent Online (see PowerPoints from Live Meeting) .What is each company’s:historymission and goals,market share, andfinancial health (include revenues, profit, and any other important financial factors)corporate talent management philosophyother important factors (current news) regarding the company

Tables and charts that illustrate your points would be great! Be sure to number, name, and cite all tables and charts. Also, you must refer to them in the body of the paper. (Use number according to phase as in the chapters in your textbook; i.e. treat of each phase as a chapter.)