Managerial Roles And External Forces Influencing Café Bar Video Analysis

In order to complete this assignment, please read and review chapters 1 and 3, and watch the video The Café Bar before you work on the following questions. If you would like to review, this is the Homework Assignment Rubric.What are the resources used by this organization? Give ExamplesHow can a bar be full of customers every night and yet lose money? Describe and evaluate the use of planning, organizing, leading and controlling performed by David Radky (i.e., the owner)? ExplainWhat are the Managerial Roles (by Mintzberg) and skills used by the owner/manager? Give examples.What are the internal and external forces influencing the results of this company?


The instructor will provide feedback on each assignment. In the gradebook you can click on the specific assignment and access to feedback. Each homework assignment is out of 75 points.




Spelling & Grammar0 (0%)

Four o more grammatically incorrect sentences and/or two to four spelling mistakes.7.5 (10%)

One to three grammatically incorrect sentences and/or two to four spelling mistakes.15 (20%)

Grammatically correct sentences without any spelling errors

Length & Formatting0 (0%)

Did not meet minimum of 1/2-page report, Times New Roman font, size 12, and single spaced directions.

Does not clearly identify new information, like headers, titles, concepts, etc.7.5 (10%)

Complies with minimum of 1/2-page report, Times New Roman font, size 12, and single-spaced direction.

Does identify some new information and uses headers, titles, etc.15 (20%)

Writes entire 1-page report, follows Times New Roman font, size 12, single-spaced direction.

Clearly identifies new information (underlines, Bold to recognize concepts or vocabulary used).

Concepts used0 (0%)

Doesn’t identify and/or doesn’t use concepts to relate to the case or article11.25 (15%)

Identify only a few concepts, but they are not used properly22.5 (30%)

Clearly identifies all concepts related to the article or video and use them appropriately

Analysis and Examples0 (0%)

Doesn’t apply the concepts. Does not explain how specific examples from the article/video demonstrate the use of those concepts by the company11.25 (15%)

Applies only a few of the concepts, and only a few of the examples22.5 (30%)

Clearly relates concepts to article/video and provides specific examples.