Management information System assignment

For this paper, you are acting an MIS intern for AT&T Company. Based on what you’ve learned through the first 12 chapters, you have been asked to submit a proposal to your pseudo company management (me) on the need to invest in an appropriate information system to replace the manual processes the company employs today. The paper will have a 1 page executive summary with 4 pages of supporting information listing the issues today and the benefits of implementing a real information system. The paper should be 12 Point Times New Roman and double spaced with 1 inch margins. In simplest form, I want a paper that shows you understand want a modern information system can bring to your organization. You don’t have to have something from every chapter. You can choose to focus on a few specific areas. You can reference other materials besides our text, just provide the appropriate reference.

So the total pages is 5 pages. 1 pages for the executive summary and 4 pages for the supporting information.