Manage Smart Talented Rich and Powerful People Leading Leaders

Please use APA FORMAT. 5+ PAGES, DOUBLE SPACED. see attached example papers that had good grades and follow the format. Please make sure that scholarly sources are being used (around 3 sources are fine at least one Megastudy source ) Primary Source needs to use the Likert Scale (from 1 to 10…).

Here is the book you will be examining: How to Manage Smart, Talented, Rich, and Powerful People: Leading Leaders by Jeswald W. Salacuse

Select a book consistent with the theme of the course and a book that might have special meaning for your professional life.

In conducting primary research, remember I prefer your questions be presented as Likert type questions.

In conducting secondary research, remember I have a bias towards meta researchShow how it relates to the goal of this course: getting work done with and through people/technology.Show me that you are taking the book as a STARTING POINT do to primary and secondary research using the research tools we teach in this course. Your research might confirm or disconfirm the article.Show me that you know how NOT to accept what you are told at face value.Show me you know how to form your own opinions and how to gather your own evidence.You get higher points for integrating primary and secondary research.In other words, whether you agree or disagree with the article is not that important to me.What is important is HOW you got the evidence to justify you agreement or disagreement.What theory or theories are behind the book?A theory is “if……., then…….”And it leads to prediction of the future.Based on what you learned in this assignment, what you might DO OR SAY MONDAY MORNING AT 8:30AM in some organization situation?It is OK to say that you would do nothing Monday morning at 8:30AM.Justify the decision on the basis of the article and your primary/secondary research.English spelling, grammar, and punctuation will be graded. Follow guidelines outlined below in Submission Format for Written Work.Structure of the Book Review: (1) overview of key ideas as it relates to getting things done with or through people (2) The book is only a starting point.You are to do independent primary and secondary research to support/contradict the ideas in the book. (3) what do YOU think of the ideas and WHY (4) what might this book do to inform what you DO or SAY Monday morning at 8:30am?It is ok to say ‘nothing’ but explain why this book would not influence you.