LW management assignments

Please complete all parts

Part 1

Ask a business leader you respect, such as your boss or a friend, what the keys to success are in business. Provide a summary on the discussion thread, answering the following questions:

1. What is the role of the leader you interviewed?

2. What keys to success did the leader describe?

3. What are your thoughts on the leader’s response? How could you implement their thinking in your own career?

Part 2

Think of something you purchased that you no longer use because it became outdated or obsolete. Upload a picture of the item in the discussion thread along with answers to the following questions:

1. What is the product in the picture?

2. Why did you initially purchase the product?

3. Why do you no longer use it?

4. Did you replace the product with anything? If so, what?

Part 3

See attachment labeled part 3

Part 4

Find a recent article or video describing a new product in development. Post a link to the article or video in the discussion thread and describe the following:

1. What need is the new product trying to fill? Do you think it will meet that need?

2. What type of innovation does the new product represent?

3. What kind of process do you think will be used to make the product? Would it be possible to produce a lot of the product in a short amount of time?

Part 5

Think about a financial decision you made regarding the purchase of a big-ticket item within the last five years. Provide a summary on the discussion thread, answering the following questions:

1. What decision did you make?

2. How prepared were you to make the decision?

3. What was your thought process as you were making the decision?

4. What financial information did you need to make the decision and why?

5. What lessons have you learned that you will apply to future financial decisions?

Part 6

See attachment labeled part 6

Part 7

Find an income statement or balance sheet for a business. Review the accounting concepts and the income statement or balance sheet to answer the following questions:

1. How is the business performing based upon your review? Is the business growing or declining, why?

2. Where is the business focusing the majority of its resources?

3. What advice would you offer to the owner or leadership of the business?

Part 8

Read this article, “In Sneaker Wars, It’s Also Curry (Under Armour) vs. James (Nike)” (you can also view the PDF here), on the use of celebrity endorsements in the competition between Nike and Under Armour.

Think about a time when a celebrity endorsement influenced you to buy a product in the last five years. In the discussion thread, describe the following:

1. The product and the celebrity endorsing it

2. How the endorsement influenced your decision to buy the product

Part 9

See attachment labeled part 9