Knowledge Sharing Culture Through Grassroots Efforts at Xerox Discussion

From the case, would you say that Xerox is practicing knowledge management (KM)?

Justify your answer.

b. If yes, discuss how would you rate its practice with regards to techno-centric KM and people centric KM? Justify your answer with importance of Knowledge Management and appropriate points from the case study.

c. Discuss the challenges that Xerox was experiencing before the initiative together with solutions that the initiative have provided to overcome the challenges

d. Summarise analysis in your own words (analysis limit: 150 words).


a. Discuss the methods Xerox is using to capture the required knowledge?

b. Explain the possible types of knowledge being captured highlighting clearly the source from where each type is being captured.

c. Using the KM life Cycle, discuss how each stage is being implemented at Xerox .

d. Suggest another two knowledge capturing methods that you feel would be appropriate for Xerox . Justify your answer.