This is the next written assignment of the semester. As with all assignments, you must write them in MICROSOFT WORD and upload them as .DOC or .DOCX documents only. Any other file format or word processor is not acceptable. This assignment is a multiple page essay, but it should be a minimum of two pages.

Spell/grammar check your documents as that counts….however…

Proofread your work to make sure the proper words are used to convey your thoughts. This was discussed in Filak Chapter 3.

The topic of this assignment is ETHICS CODES IN YOUR FIELD

Find an ethics code that oversees your media field of choice (advertising, public relations, photography, news, etc.) and compare it with the ethics code used in one other area of the field.

Write an essay explaining how they are similar and how they are different.

Focus on the key areas of similarity and describe why you think these are important.

Also, explain to what degree the differences are important and why you think they exist.

This assignment may overlap with other work.

Ask me questions if you need help and good luck