Key Issues and Make Recommendations

In the basic assignment, you are to pick out what YOU think are the KEY issues and make recommendations, applying class theory on the way. That’s it. Some of the key issues might arise in the questions at the end of the case, but I can’t guaranty that.

Look the book for Case No. 10 named Uber. Page #491

Book link:

Case Grading Criteria

25%: Identification of Key Issues

Realizing that there are numerous issues, choose those which are the most critical to the future success of the organization at the time of the case. These key issues may arise from any part of the organization, thus they need not be limited to people, i.e. systems and procedures may be of the utmost importance at any time. (For term projects, updating of the information is recommended)

25%: Application of Theory

Complement your good ideas and common sense with the ‘tools’ of this class, i.e. class/text theory, (past FIU, the ‘tools’ of your profession will be developed as you develop as a professional). By adding this perspective to your work, both forclass AND past FIU, it will be stronger in its content, and ultimately, more convincing to your reader.

25% Recommendations

Past FIU, the quality of your recommendations will be a critical factor in your success. Recommendations should, if possible, include alternatives so as to increase objectivity. Also, there should be reasoning that “sells” your idea, both theory and implementation, i.e. the “why, who, how, when, etc.” of your idea.

25% Presentation

Organizing and delivering your ideas in a succinct and logical manner is vital to the success of your work, for if the presentation is poor, your good ideas could get lost. Grammar and syntax is vital, for a reader can get distracted to the point of losing the message, and your credibility can be damaged by the inability to write effectively, i.e. typos can leave a lasting impression. Proofreading by a third party is highly recommended.

I have uploaded my last case study paper for a different case. I got 97 points for that paper. You can see the structure of the paper I’m looking for.