ITEC 6003 Final Exam-Spring 2019


ITEC 6003 Final Exam – Spring 2019

Production Planning and Inventory Management

 Instructions :


Everyone must answer question number one

Then, you may select any ONE of the remaining THREE

questions and answer it thoroughly using materials available from the textbook, your notes, outside

reading assignments or other printed resources. Question one is worth 120 points. The second question

you select is worth 80 points. (Note:  Only the first two questions you answer will be graded, even if all

four questions are answered.) Be sure to 


the question along with the question number as part of

your examination 

when you begin to answer each section

Note: Use of high-quality, appropriately

cited graphics and visual information adds value to your work.


Each paper must be “typed” using 11-point or 12-point Times New Roman font style in MS Word,

Version 2007 or Later. Do not submit PDF files, except as a secondary or “


” format. The body

of the paper must have line spacing set at 1½ line spacing or double spacing with one inch margins all

around (excluding headers and footers)


The Final Exam for ITEC 6003 must be submitted no later than 10:00 PM on Saturday, April 27, 2019.


Please be sure to submit your completed Final Examination via defined in the Final

Examination Assignment. Students who turn in the Final Exam after the posted due date and time will


zero (0)

points for the Final Examination.


Everyone Must Answer Question One

(Between 1,500 words and 1,750 words, excluding resources and “restating the question” – 120 Points)



Inventory-Related Costs are detailed in Chapter 11 of the Jacobs, et al. (2011) textbook.