Iowa Western KFC In Africa International Management Case Study Discussion

Homework Assignments are a required graded component of this course.

It is recommended that you read / watch the chapters related to the specific unit and take the quiz, before you complete your assignment. Besides that, each student is required to read an article or watch a video provided by the instructor and write a half to one-page, single-spaced paper (minimum of 1/2 page report, Times New Roman font, size 12, single spaced) on how the company described in the article/video illustrates concepts that have been covered in that unit. In other words, your assignment has to describe how a company is using the concepts we are learning. It is not a summary of an article/video. Your analysis needs to show how much you have learned from the assigned chapters. The instructor will provide 3-5 questions that will help relate concepts to the specific real case scenario, make sure you fully answer those questions. Please refer to the rubric. The instructor will provide feedback on each assignment. In the gradebook you can click on “Assignment Comments” to access to feedback.

Homework assignments will appear to you in Canvas each Monday at 8AM and will close on the following Monday at 11:00 am. Late homework will be accepted with a penalty of 1% deduction per hour. Therefore, if you turn in a day later, 24% will be deducted from your grade. Penalty for late work will keep on increasing as time goes by. The maximum number of hours for late assignments are 72 hours or 3 days. After that, late assignments will turn into zero. All homework should be submitted in Canvas under the homework submission page. Besides facilitating better understanding of concepts, each homework allows you to earn 75 points for a total of 300 points.

Please read: Hinshaw, Drew.”As KFC goes to Africa it lacks only one thing: Chickens” The Wall Street Journal, Feb8, 2013. Please click here. If you would like to review, this is the Homework Assignment Rubric.

1.- What are the Environmental Challenges of International Management (Economic, Sociocultural, Political and Legal) for KFC in Africa? (Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya) Explain and give examples.

2.How did KFC enter this market? (strategic alliance, direct investment, licensing, franchising) Advantages and Disadvantages of KFC’s choice. Explain

3.Why is KFC going to Africa? Explain and give examples

4.-Describe and explain what is KFC’s level of international activity.