Individual Project 3

The CEO of Company Alpha, a new startup Internet wholesaler, has hired you as a consultant to develop its new Code of Ethics. The CEO would first like to see samples of other companies’ ethics codes to get an idea of what’s contained in them.

Research a code of ethics from a business organization, hospital, or university, and prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 5–7 slides for the CEO on some data points from the sample ethics code you plan to present.

Include the following data points in your presentation:Source of the Code of Ethics, Purpose, Vision, and Mission Statements outlined in the documentSome of the ethics violations or inappropriate conduct unique to that business or document and any internal reporting mechanismsRecommended sections of the ethics code to include for Company Alpha’s Code of EthicsRequired training or other formal instructionAny other information you feel is relevant to this topicAPA Format for references.5–7 slides Powerpoint Presentation