Importance of Managing Diversity in The Workplace Discussion

Please answer the following questions below I have attached some readings on diversity in the workplace and human resource management readings.

1. Discuss why managing diversity is important to business (e.g., what are the benefits for companies), along with the types of diversity in the workplace today/workplace trends. Explain how managers can capitalize on StrengthsFinder skills to build a stronger work unit (250 words).

2. Explain several types of selection tools available to managers, along with the pros and cons of each (250 words).

3. Explore the ramifications of using StrengthsFinder as a selection technique, from both an organizational benefit and a legal perspective. What issues should businesses be aware of when they use personality tests as a “screening” device? In other words, if a firm is challenged in court, will it need to show relevance of the test to individual workplace productivity outcomes? (250 words).

HR and self-management