I need a paper on HR in depth analysis of HR functions at your place of business, business & finance homework help

Recruitment and Placement (Job analysis & design should be part of this section)Training and Development (Performance appraisal should be part of this process, as well as training new hires)Compensation (This section should discuss the overall compensation plan and should show the relationship to job analysis & design, as well as performance appraisal)Employee Health, Safety, and Security

The paper should be laid out in the following way:An introduction that gives a brief history and background of your company. (one to three paragraphs)A description of the current environmental forces that impact your company and, potentially, the HR practices.An in-depth analysis of each of the HR functions as detailed above. The analysis needs to include two parts:Give a detailed description of how each function is handled including who performs the various steps in the process.Using the information from the text and your own experience and previous knowledge, compile a comprehensive list with an in-depth discussion of the Strengths and the Weaknesses of each current process.An overall analysis and observations that identify the key strengths and weaknesses and their impact on organizational performance. (information taken from the analysis and the current situation)A recommendation on which practices or processes need to be changed to improve organizational effectiveness. (logically follows from all the previous information – you do not need to include a detailed program or implementation plan)

I need minimum of 5 pages paper