How to encourage employees creativity

For this project, you will do library research in order to develop recommendations on how to handle a specific people issue a manager may face in the workplace. You will write up your findings in a report – the Executive Brief. the topic is how to encourage employees’ creativityExecutive Brief Instructions An Executive Brief is a succinct written report that provides guidance to a decision-maker about a particular problem. In this case, assume your readers are busy managers who need advice on the best practices for handling the management challenge you’ve chosen. Remember that your content should be based on library research, not personal opinion. Most of the space in your Brief should be devoted to your specific recommendations. These should be developed to an actionable stage; that is, the manager-reader should clearly understand his or her options for what he or she should do when faced with this management challenge. Your Brief should be a minimum of three pages in length, not counting the reference list. Double-space it using one inch margins all around and Times New Roman 12 pt. font. Do not put extra blank lines between paragraphs. Attach a reference list with complete source information in APA format. See ‘Citing Sources – APA Style Refresher Guide’ on BB for help in citing your sources in-text and correctly preparing your reference list. Your Executive Brief will be evaluated based on the following criteria: · Recommendations – clearly explained, practical, developed to actionable stage · credible sources, used effectively to support recommendations. it must be from those sources BusinessWeek Forbes Fortune Money Fast Company Harvard Business Review Management Review Human Resources New York Times
· Professional presentation – organization of paper, writing mechanics · APA citation format – in-text citations and reference list · Basic expectations – paper length 3 pages DS, formatting of paper, number of sources