How New York became the capital of the world?

New York is often called “The Business Capital of the World.”In this assignment, you will learn more about New York City and how businesses operate. This assignment is an individual assignment and open to your particular interests. You will write a 2 page minimum, double spaced, font 12, 1” margins and title page report on your findings: exhibits, description of what you witnessed, any interesting interactions with individuals at your selected venue.

You have the following option for completion of this assignment: Visit The Museum of the City of New York, 1220 Fifth Avenue@103rd Street. Hours: 10am-6pm.Their website is

They have an exhibit on “How New York City became the Capital of the World”.Report back on the journey New York City has taken to accomplish this.

Please please reflect the main theme ” how new york became the capital of the world”.

Watch this video. It would help write the essay.