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The partners of Ortho Inc. are planning for the upcoming fiscal year. For every 1,000 patients you can expect the following rates:350 Medicare patients, in which the government will reimburse $1,200 per procedure;50 Medicaid patients, in which the state of Virginia will reimburse $750 per visit;100 Blue Cross patients in which your contract states will pay you charges less a 30% discount;100 patients from United in which the contract pays the lesser of $1,400 or 75% of charges; 100 private pay patients who will pay 100% of charges;25 Charity patients who you are required to render healthcare to; and 75 Self-Pay patients who will pay (on average) of 15% of our total charges.

200 Aetna patients, in which you have a negotiated contract at charges less a 15% discount;