GSO1100 Alfaisal University Project Management Case Discussion

1. What is more important to Brent—cost or on-time completion? 2. Prepare a network diagram/chart for the project. 3. Using project management software, such as Microsoft Project, identify the critical path, the slack times, and project completion date. Be sure to include the name of the activities, duration, and predecessor activities from Exhibit 1 in the case and provide the late start/early start and late finish/early finish data. 4. Are there opportunities to re-sequence the activities in the project to shorten the completion time? Learn project crashing, explain it to students and tell us which activities would you consider crashing and why? 5. Brent is considering a number of possible alternatives to reduce the overall length of the project. As Brent Collver, what action would you take and why? Show your revised project plan. (a) Ask the contractor to provide additional technicians to reduce the time required to complete electrical and pneumatic construction by two weeks, at a cost premium of $20,000. (b) Use two contractors for office construction instead of one. One contractor would be responsible for the office structure; the second contractor would be responsible for installation of fire alarm and safety systems, such as fire alarm, emergency lighting, and sprinklers. This approach would reduce the expected completion time for the office by three weeks but increase costs by $30,000. (c) Ask the contractor to work overtime on Saturdays to reduce the time to complete the quality/supervisor pod construction by two weeks, at a cost premium of $35,000. (d) Use a different contractor to install the anodizing line in 10 weeks, at cost premium of $50,000. Recommindations Conclusion