Goal Writing Assignment-essay homework


Please read through the example below and then prioritize the needs into the table that I have below. You may have to add more rows into the table as you work. Once you prioritize the needs, pick one of the highest priority problems. Next, come up with a list of possible solutions for the problem—at least 3 solutions. Lastly write a goal for Peter in the correct format (keep in mind that we never usually write goals for our clients, we write them with our clients; however, given that the client isn’t here, we have to). You should listen to the audio on goal writing before completing this assignment.

Background History

Peter is a 45-year-old single white male that is 5’10 and weighs 250 pounds. Peter’s doctor refers him to you because he has Type 2 Diabetes and Peter hasn’t been able to lose the weight. The doctor would like Peter to lose the weight and get his diabetes under control. Peter currently lives a sedentary lifestyle; he drives city bus during the day and watches TV at night. He says that his knees are sore and that it is hard for him to walk. He also states that he doesn’t know how to cook and eats out every day, 3 meals a day. He said that the weight is really getting him down; his family comment on his weight (relatives that don’t live with him) and that he would like to try to make a change.Given Peter’s story, please identify some of the high priority, mid priority, and low priority needs in the table below.

High Priority

Mid Priority

Low Priority

Identify a high priority problem that Peter would like to work on.


Com up with a list of possible ways that Peter could work to eliminate his problem

Possible Solutions:

Solution Chosen:

Write a goal based on the solution you choose in number 3


What are you going to do about the problem:

When in the day are you going to do it:

How much of the solution are going to do:

How often in the week (this is on a weekly basis and should have day/days in the week listed) are going to do it: