fix the laratory Report

Some parts of the paper were worded rather awkwardly, such as “Finding the moles of Acetic acid in the solution by adding sodium hydroxide to the solution in present of phenolphthalein indicator until it reaches equivalence point of the reaction.” I understand what you meant, but it would be better written as something like “The amount of acetic acid in a sample of vinegar can be found by titrating to the equivalence point with a known NaOH solution.” Another important thing is to pay more attention to grammar. “The pH in the acid will increase by adding base such as sodium hydroxide,” is better written as “The pH of the solution can be increased using a base, such as sodium hydroxide. Also, label the equations you use. FInally, you had a good length, as well as problem and solution statements. Use third person perspective with passive voice, and outline a procedure. Actual data can be put in the Results section of the formal report. You lost points because you did not include the ma