FISSEA Security Awareness, Training & Education

Assignment: Security Program Education

Security Program Education

The objective is to create one of the following types of training materials. We will not be entering the contest but designing material that can be presented on the website or another social media format. This assignment is to showcase our student work. All work will be considered under open license. FISSEA Security Awareness, Training & Education Contest Information

Showcase one of the following awareness, training, and/or education items you use as a part of your Security program. Categories: Awareness Posters (must be approved for display and posted on campus)
Awareness Website (must be accessible). —-> For this one, I need only content for Website. I will take care of building and publishing website.

Entries must have a security theme and all entries must be original. Entries are to be submitted in PDF or PowerPoint file formats only An exception: if your website is accessible to the public and a link to the content can be provided.