Ethnography Report: Alcohol Addiction and Recovery

The ethnography report provides an opportunity to interview someone you know about their spirituality and how it supported them in order to address a challenge or overcome an adversity.

The interview can be done by phone, email, or in person. The interviewee, or participant, must have a copy of the Ethnography Information Sheet before starting the interview and an opportunity to read it. Your study report must include a statement that you gave the Information Sheet to your participant. You must also give your participant an pseudonym to maintain anonymity and confidentiality.

The report will be approximately three to four pages of meaningful, engaged text and conform to the Ethnography Report Outline , the sample Report , and the Guidelines for Written Work , except for the double-spacing. More information on the structure of the paper is provided in the outline. Please note, while you may use an outside academic source, it’s not required. What is required is that you use a class concept or class source as described in the outline. You may also list your spiritual interest paper as a resource. Whatever you list as a source must be cited to in the body of the report, e.g., (Garcia Rivera).