ENGL 124 Grossmont WK16 Responsible Use of Facial Recognition Technology HW

hello again, we are in the last week

16.1 Overview as usual

16.2 is where I submit my Final Draft Paper 3 its due on Monday. please Don’t forget the reflection question in the end, and make sure if there is something necessary to add, change,….

16.3 is zine assignment. He showed us many examples of zine in the zoom meeting this week. All of them were simple; short text with pictures most of them were hand writing on paper. he said you can take a picture of zine if you made it on paper or you can make the zine argument on docx or pdf. There are a few question we have to answer for the zine reflection also.

Final discussion a few question to answer we get extra credit.

To be honest I don’t know how much I should put the price for this week; I don’t know about zine, so I will let you to define the price for the week.