EMG400 Colorado State Hurricane Katrina Emergency Management Plan Paper

Paper is on Hurricane Katrina

For your final Portfolio Project, you will analysis the disaster recovery process on your chosen disaster.

The Portfolio Project will include three of the following topics as they pertain to the disaster recovery phase: Short-term and long-term recovery planning; Environmental recovery, historical, and cultural preservation; Housing, social, and psychological recovery; Public sector recovery; Business and private sector recovery; Infrastructure and lifelines; Government, community, and volunteer organization resources; and Additional recovery items identified in research.

Your paper should meet the following requirements: The paper should be 8 pages, not including the title and reference page. Additionally, the paper should properly reference and include at least five research articles from peer-reviewed, scholarly journals in addition to the textbook. Do not use unverifiable sources such as articles without a credible author or institution (e.g., blogs, etc.).