ECOM 201 – Project Assignment

Consider yourself as Global Manager Marketing for one of the following companies:,,,,,, online merchandiser. At present the company you’ll choose is doing business in the USA and wants to enter in gulf region online market.
[You can discuss other options with your instructors].
Develop a detail strategy on the following:
▪ Explain how you will implement the virtual management?
▪ How you will manage the teams in both areas which is culturally, politically, and economically different?
▪ How the virtual teams will work together?
▪ What tools are they using?
▪ What are the advantages of using virtual management?
▪ What are some disadvantages they have and how they can overcome them?
▪ Explain how you will manage meetings between the teams in US and gulf in terms of time, place and language?
▪ As a manager how you will manage the outsourced projects?
▪ How would you solve a problem between two virtual workers?
▪ What is your advice to the team for improvement?