Discussion Questions and Case analysis

1 part

After reading the chapter, answer the following questions. Again, please start a new post for your answers instead of replying to others. Please answer the questions directly in your post and do not upload files.

1. Choose a CEO of a prominent firm that you believe exemplifies the positive aspects of strategic leadership. What actions does this CEO take that demonstrate effective strategic leadership? What are the effects of those actions on the firm’s performance?

2. Select a CEO of a prominent firm that you believe does not exemplify the positive aspects of strategic leadership. What actions did this CEO take that are inconsistent with effective strategic leadership? How have those ineffective actions affected the firm’s performance?

3. Select an organization that has a unique organizational culture. What characteristics of that culture make it unique? Has the culture had a significant effect on the organization’s performance? If so, what is that effect?

For this part just answer this 3 question each one need 350 word or more.

2 part

Read the case “Should Sustainability Have a Seat in the C-Suite?”Preview the documentView in a new window (click the link) and answer the following questions.

1) What do you understand by the term “sustainability”?

2) Should a business consider sustainability as part of its overall strategy or should it be treated simply as an environmental, a compliance with legal regulations, or a public relations matter? Please explain why or why not.

3) How would you integrate and implement a sustainability initiative as part of the overall strategy?

4) Should Narinex hire a CSO? If “Yes” should it be a full time position at the top management level or should it be the CEO’s responsibility? If “No” why not?

Include your answers in a single Word document and upload