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: Leader Motivation and a Well-Managed Change Process

Motivation theories are defined by something that increases the chance of a behavior occurring to reach a particular outcome. Organizational transformation can be addressed through the process of stages dependent upon certain motivational behaviors. In this discussion, you will choose the most appropriate motivational theories as they relate to managing change in your chosen company. Choose a company (your employer is okay) going through a change wherein the leaders and employees are resistant to the change. Discuss the motivational process of both the chief executive officer (CEO) implementing the change and the leaders and employees being persuaded to accept said change. Provide recommendations to further motivate the leaders and employees to accept said change. Be sure to include how you will measure employee motivation.

In this discussion, be sure to address the following questions:What is the name of your company (unless you are using your employer), and what is the current change being resisted?Why is the change being resisted?What is the current motivational process of the chief executive officer (CEO) to effect the change?What is the current motivational process of the leaders and employees to accept the change?Which motivational theory best describes how to move your chosen company forward with the change identified? Describe the theory.What recommendations do you have, as an industrial/organizational (I/O) professional, to further motivate the leaders and employees?