Discussion #4: Create an Infographic Based on Your Research Paper – By Tuesday, 5/19

Now that you have submitted Essay #4, create an infographic using Canva, Adobe, Venngage, or Piktochart–all of which are free web sites where you can create an account. The idea is to convey, through images and text, what your main arguments and reasons were from Essay #4. This is similar to what you did for your Climate Change poster. Save your infographic as a JPEG or PNG file to your computer or Google Drive. Then, when replying to this post, use the “Embed Image” button in the editing tools here in Canvas. Once you click on “Embed Image,” click the tab that says “Canvas.” Then, click “My Files.” Then, click “Upload File” Then, click “Update.” This will embed your image. Include a brief summary of why you chose the images and design elements you did.

By Thursday, 5/21

Remember that you must reply to at least 2 other students by Thursday, though you can certainly do it sooner. Make sure your replies are thoughtful, respectful, and specific. Since this is a threaded discussion, it is imperative for you to refer to students by their names in your replies so it is especially clear who you are responding to. Also, all replies to students should be 25-100 words in length, though you need not include this word count in the replies.