Discussion 12

In 1990, Congress passed legislation that requires institutions of higher education to

improve campus safety by instituting prevention programs and requiring the reporting of

crimes. One of the laws, the Clery Act, was named for Jeanne Clery, who was the victim

of a heinous crime when she was murdered in her residence hall at Lehigh University in

Pennsylvania. The law requires colleges to report on campus crime statistics and to

report crimes in a timely manner

To Complete

Based on your own research and the Learning Resources, do you think today’s colleges

and universities have created an increasingly litigious culture by failing to make

campuses safer compared to 20 years ago? What role does social media play in this, if

at all? Based on the readings, do you think there are fewer mechanisms in place to

protect students and staff from criminal acts such as assault, physical and cyber

bullying, and physical and sexual harassment? If yes, explain why. If no, explain why

not. Support and cite your reasons.