Digital Billboards


Submission Required : 

Submit to the discussion a post that includes a image examples of all of the following tech in a digital billboard.  Please  embed the images straight into your post in an organized manner or package all your research into an organized multipage PDF document. A minimum of five (5) different digital billboards with examples of each responsive tech from below. Add the number (1-5) and the title to each image. Include an explanation of the technology in your own words about your example. Points will be deducted for generic explanations.


A major form of advertising media called Outdoor Advertising. This is commonly know as billboards. We have all seen them and have been an effective form of advertising since the Egyptians. A brief history from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) can be found here History of Outdoor Advertising. The industry is changing and technology is creeping in to make the media more engaging and relevant.

Below is a list of current technologies for Outdoor Advertising. Number, Title and give a brief Explanation of the technologies in your own words for each of your examples. Weather Triggered Tech  Countdown Day Parting or Day Partitioning Tech Trending Tech Social Media Tech