Details about your 3 favorite exhibits, homework help


1-take a self guided tour of ONE of the field trip to

2-Take a picture of yourself inside the location

3- Write a minimum one page, single-spaced, 12pt font summary of your experience. In your summary address ALL the following items:Details about your 3 favorite exhibitsFind at least one example of how current scientific research is showcased in your chosen location. What was the scientific project about? Who was performing the research? What are the researchers hoping to learn about?Answer the following questions:In your own words, define life-long learning, also sometimes referred to as informal education.Do you believe places like this are beneficial to life-long learning?Do you believe that life-long learning opportunities are important in creating educated citizens? Why or why not?

B:Our City Forest, San Jose

WRITE A ONE PAGE SUMMARY OF YOUR EXPERIENCE. SINGLE OR DOUBLE SPACED, YOUR CHOICE. I basically just brush small used nursery pot of a tree first. then we mix the soil, put trees in larger nursery, transport trees to nutrient tube and put a small tube into the nursery.