Current Event Article

You need to identify, summarize, and discuss human resources-related news report in short written assignments and class discussion. News and media discussed topics to look for can include hiring, firing, discrimination, HR laws, lawsuits, training, harassment, coaching, mentoring, compensation inequity, ethic, etc. that are in the news or media. This assignment will make the course very current and will explore the many HR related issues that are constantly in the news.

The written current event article summary should be about 3-6 pages in length. along with the complete Generated: 4/5/2020 Page 4 of 16 references for this article in APA style. In your paper summary and discussion, including the following under relevant Headings / Subheadings: 1. Title of the article and author(s) 2. The key points of the article 3. The relevance of the article to human resources practice and literature(HR concept and/or theory). You can link it to HR topics discussed in your textbook (cited reference to the book as relevant). 4. What did you learn from the article? 5. Reference/ Source of the news or article(all in the APA style). Note: This must be a current event (preferably this month, this year or last year), not something you find on a website from several years ago that simply refers to HR topic.