Control charts. To use or not to use?

Control Charts: To Use or Not To Use?

Control charts are a great way to visualize data, but they aren’t meant to be used for all data. Answer the questions below to help you think through using control charts for your data.
1. How many data points do you have? Are there enough for a proper control chart based on the rules for making control charts? 2. The difference between a control chart and a run chart is that control charts have limits and run charts do not. If you do have enough points for a control chart, do you want to make a control chart or a run chart? Why did you make that choice? 3. Say you do want to make a control chart. Should you use a control chart for variables or attributes? Why? 4. Given your answer to question 3, what specific chart do you want to use and why? 5. Again, assuming you want to make a control chart, how will you determine your warning and action limits? 6. Considering your answers to the previous questions, what is your decision about using control charts for your project?