Comparison Glasser choice theory and Levinson Theory Essay

Describe a life challenge, behavior, characteristic, or significant event associated with a developmental milestone of one of the life stages of young, middle, or later adulthood that a social worker may assist a client with. 5 points.2-3 paragraphs

Apply two different approaches/ Glasser’s choice theory and Levinson’s Theory

theories (one from a psychological, sociological, or biological approach and a second one from a different approach than the first) to your selected issue. Describe how each theory explains or helps to understand your selected issue.10 points. 3-4 paragraphs.

Compare the two theories.

Glasser’s choice theory and Levinson’s Theory

Do you think that one theory is more helpful or useful than the other in explaining or assisting with the experience that you selected? Why or why not?5 points. 2-3 paragraphs.