COMP1010 Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence Paper

Guidelines :

* Use Page Number & References should be academic quality from quality sources and Harvard Reference Notation should be used.

* The Table of Contents Should have, each deliverable task number, content, page number

* required to use appropriate literature review and use of many library resources to complete this assignment.

* using correct Citation and CU-Harvard Referencing Style.

* read the tasks from the Instructions file carefully

* answer all the tasks Individually

* the example of this assignment and work proposal are attached

* the work proposal should be submitted within 1 day

* Choose any one of the following, considering that you have suitable access to the process of working, data and functions without breaching any confidentiality. The organization or part of the organization (department/division) at your current place of work. The organization or part of the organization (department/division) at a previous workplace of yours. The organization or part of the organization (department/division) where you are not working and have not worked previously, but to which you have suitable access for this assessment. For example (you could consider departments/units at MEC like Student Success Centre, Marketing Department, Student Support Services, Library etc. but with prior discussion with your faculty)choose Omani company called PDO visit this website