Communication in Relationship

REQUIREMENTS: 3-5 pages, double-spaced, typewritten. 12 font Arial or Times New Roman.

ASSIGNMENT: For the conclusion of this course on Interpersonal Communication, I want you to look at yourself and another person you have a relationship with, that is experiencing some problem. This could involve a family member, friends, co-workers, etc. The purpose is to ultimately help you to reduce the problem. To help you organize the paper, consider following the format below:

Use a clear introduction, body, and conclusion format.

Describe the problem: Explain who’s involved, the situation, location, feelings, emotions that surround this communication problem.

Describe how it has been affecting you.

Describe what our textbook says about this issue. Use terminology from the text whenever possible. You may use any concepts from the text, but I’d like you to include Knapp’s 10 Relationship Stages (7.1), to identify what step you think the relationship is currently on.

Link to the textbook:

Also you may want to address the Family types,(7.3), if that is what your conflict is concerning, or the Dark Side of relationships (7.4), if that is your conflict.

Explain your decision. You do not have to solve the problem, but if the situation was resolved, explain the results. If the situation has not been resolved, discuss what steps you believe should be taken, to help resolve this communication problem.