Coding Management and Compliance Unit 1 Assignment 2 RAC Audits Strategic Plan


Assignment Objectives: Meet CAHIIM Curriculum requirement for Bachelor Degree Domain V. Compliance Subdomain  V.A. Regulatory Section 1. Appraise current laws  and standards related to health information initiatives Competencies: Compliance strategies and reporting

Assignment Purpose:

To create a strategic plan responding to RAC audits.

Assignment Description

Step One: Locate and review the current standards related to RAC audits.

Step Two: You are the HIM director of a small 150 bed acute care facility. There has been an issue with responding to RAC audits. You have been asked to address the issue for the RAC audits and present your strategic plan at the next department directors meeting.

Step Three: Develop a step-by-step strategic plan which address RAC audits from the time the audit is received to settlement of the audit. (Think about each step that needs to occur in this process and who should be responsible)

Step Four: Create a power point presentation outlining the plan that you developed to be presented at the department director’s meeting. The presentation should contain at least 10 content slides, make use of the notes section, and be audience ready.

Step Five: Submit your power point for grading