Civil Engineering 8659 Holmsley Trail Site Design Report

I need you to write a report about site design. I will provide you the link of the site that you will work on.

you need to have all the information below in the report and it should be 3-4pages:

-locate the site soil groundwater

-locate boundaries legal description

-site topography

-adjacent property use

-zoning, setbacks, limitations

RS means library

-determine clearing, grubbing and demolition

-determine grading,estimate costs and time

-determine access roads, parking, cost ant time of construction

-estimate water and sewer requirements, costs, and time

additional information:

-RS means is a program you can use to find cost estimations for everything you need for your project

-You can use websites like USGS to find a lot of this information for your specific site

this is the link of the site that you will work on:…