Ch 3 Organizational Culture Blog – Groups for Blog Discussion 3


Assignment #2 Post a response to your Group Blog regarding Intercultural Communication.

After reading the text and watching the lecture, post a response. This week, the blog should be
titled, “Organizational Culture or Discrimination?” Ensure your response includes plenty of
details. Vague and abstract answers with few examples or details will result in a loss of points.

Prior to posting, refer to the syllabus/assignment packet for requirements on response

This week’s topic, watch the clip and answer the following: What do you think is happening
here? Is this a case of organizational culture in place or do you see it as discrimination?

Why? Be thoughtful and detailed in your response. Critical thought is required for full
After reading all of these directions, go ahead and post your response to this week’s
assigned readings/lecture.

You can find source online by enter(ch 3 organizational culture blog Understanding Human Communication, 13th edition)