case study:Apple Watch

Review this week’s case, Apple Watch – Managing Innovation – HARVARD CASE

After your analysis of the case, prepare a response to the following questions:

1) Which innovation characteristics could Apple leverage to manage resistance to future generations of Apple Watch?

2) Discuss the role of propagation mechanisms in reducing resistance to Apple Watch?

3) What are the consumer characteristics that Apple needs to influence to overcome consumer resistance to its smartwatch?

4) Discuss the barriers and sources of active and passive innovation resistance in the context of Apple Watch.

5) Discuss various consumer segments that arise from variation in resistance.

In your response to these questions, be as thorough as possible. In case analysis, you always want to support your answers with a cited source. In addition, utilize material from the chapter readings in your response.

Use the the Attached template and case.

Post your 5+ page (double-spaced) response to these questions by Saturday at 11:55 p.m.