Case Study: Beautiful Steel Structure Building

    I need you to write about The Heydar Aliyev Center by Zaha Hadid   following all the requirement below 

 two to three paper  with pictures 

Problem Statement & Grading Standard 

We have studied the steel structure systems including axial loading member (tension or compression), beams, columns, and how they work together to sustain the self-weights and external loads (dead loads, live loads, and environmental loads) of the building subjected. In the project 9, you will apply the principles and methods learned in this class to analyze an existing steel building, look at the how the skeleton of the building works to carry the load, and present how to design the structural system of the building. 

The following contents are required for the case study:  (1)  Location, history, designer of the building.
  (2)  Perform the site analysis and consider why the Architects selected steel for the building
  (3)  Explain the architectural design of the building and identify if the sustainable design principles
were adopted in the design process.
  (4)  Floor plans of the building. You need identify and show the locations of the structural steel
members of the building.
  (5)  Explain how the structural system takes the load and transfer the gravity and lateral loads to the
  (6)  Apply the design principles and methods learned in class to estimate the dimensions of just one
major beam and one major column.

Grading Standard for Presentation  (1)  Well organized presentation
  (2)  The required contents. See above.
  (3)  Clear expression.
  (4)  Good response to questions and comments