Book Report of a Job Search book published within the last 10 years

 The book has to be a job search  or interviewing book.   

I need to give a brief summary of book, so please make sure it is in English/USA book; unable to read anything but English. 

1. Book should be related to interviewing/job search.

2. The book should be at least 250 pages

3. And published within the last 10 years

4. Review should be 5 pages long

5. First page should include title, author, date of publication, your name and a 50-word abstract describing the book 

6. In the following 4 pages you should review the book.

7. You may review the book against the author’s objectives for writing the book or your objectives for reading the book

8. In your critique you should include at least one suggestion for improving the book

9. In the interest of sharing what was learned, students will be provided extra credit if they volunteer to provide a five-minute overview of their book in class