BIOS 213 Drug resistance Anti-fungal infections article review

Paper Rubric BIOS 213 – Spring 2019

Topic turned in on time /5 ptsFormat /5 pts

(Times New Roman font, size 12, standard margins, double-spaced, proper grammar)Sources Cited Properlyin a Works Cited page /3 ptsContent:

(MLA, APA, etc.)

-Need at least 2 outside sources besides the main article you are writing about. Need to be reliable sources. (i.e. no Wikipedia).

Length of paper (at least 2 pages) /3 pts

Cover Page with title, name and section /2 pts

What is the article about? /7pts

Background of the organism involved. _/8 pts

(Describe the microorganism in the article, its classification, where it is found, growing conditions, and disease/infection caused.)

Other news about this organism /7 pts

(How to prevent future incidents with this microorganism.)

(Can be used as outside sources- Just be sure to cite it).