Biology of Cancer Assignment


Part one:

This is a biology of cancer, and you need to create a hypothesis of how you might treat  Pancreatic cancer . There is no true or false answer, but it is about how you devolve your hypothesis. The professor want us to find out at least three primary journals from NBCI ( and draw a conclusion of how to treat a pancreatic cancer. He want a se way of treating cancer. YOU need to make the hypothesis very clear and direct and you need to explain all the details. 

Things you cannot do:

– Do not bring a treatment that have been already been used, you need a new work.

– You cannot use non credible sources like websites ends with .org .com etc. but you can use .edu and I am requiring all the information to be from a PRIMARY JOURNALS.

– You cannot use surgical methods, this class about biology of cancer, so your methods should be in biological contents, and not surgically. 

Sample of the paper:


(You write the thing that you want to target in pancreatic cancer cells, and why you think it is import to target this thing, and you state clearly how you would do that)

– Your hypothesis should be not copied, neither have been used before!!

– Your hypothesis should be supported by three journals.

Hypothesis supports:

You list the three primary journals links from NBCI (

And under each journal link explain what information, or idea you used from this journal. 

Part two: AFTER you turn part one, I will contact you to do another three assignment related to the hypothesis. YOU will write a summary for each journals, you will write a research proposal, and finally you will create a PowerPoint about this (each assignment will be in separated order and money).