[Bibliography Essay] School to Prison Pipeline in U.S

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Subject of the paper: Write and research a 5-6 page essay about School to prision pipeline in the US and answer the main thesis question.


Write a 5-6 page bibliography essay about School to Prison Pipeline. Also answer the main thesis question which is “how have stereotypes about this group of students created obstacles in their education and life and what efforts have been made to address the issue?” The rubric is below.

Paper #4: RubricCriteria:Points:Open creatively. Provide an overview of the topic and larger conversation.

/20Establish a clear thesis that covers the major points in your research paper. It should reflect the structure of your paper and the “5 Qualities of a Strong Thesis.”

/20Demonstrate that you have thoroughly researched this topic and thought critically about the central research question. Present original insights and in-depth thinking on this topic in well-developed paragraphs. Include a counterargument.Show connections between sources and incorporate more than one source per paragraphto support your claims.

/25Use 5-6 credible, relevantsources to support your main argument. Adequately introduce and correctlycite a range of evidence. Include at least one academic journal article. Adequately and effectively comment on quotations and paraphrases, explaining their significance and how they support your claim.

/25Use an effective structure that smoothly guides the reader from one idea to the next through the use of transitioning. Each paragraph should serve a clear, specific purpose and tie back to the thesis. The topic sentences should be centered on your own claims in regards to the prompt question and thetopicyou have chosen.

/15Thoroughly proofread your paper, avoiding grammatical and punctuation-related errors. Adhere to 8thedition MLA format and the length requirement.

/15Thoughtfully conclude your discussion. Remind readers of your major points, and comment on the significance of the topic at hand.Motivate the reader to continue caring about and thinking about your topic. Close creatively.

/15Write for an educated, academic audience unfamiliar with the texts and topic. Avoid informal language and wordiness. Aim for sentence variety, clarity and an assertive tone.


Other information: APA Format,5 pages

Format: MLA FormatNo plagiarism is accepted

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