Astronomy assignment


The topic of excess lighting and its effects fills volumes of books, papers, and research, much more than can be presented in an introductory astronomy lab.

Research one of the below topics. Begin your research with the International Dark-Sky Association website. Use a minimum of three (3) different references, including the International Dark-Sky Association website. Compose an original paper of 200 words about your chosen topic. You may also use any counter references you find. List your references in standard format. If you cut and paste a quote, provide the proper credit.  Excess Lighting and Energy Waste Florida Sea Turtle hatchlings and poor lighting International Dark Skies Places Light Pollution Effects on Wildlife and Ecosystems Lighting, Crime, and Safety

Be sure to properly organize your writing. For example:  


Major Point 1

Supporting Point 1

Supporting Point 2

Major Point 2

Supporting Point 1

Supporting Point 2

Major Point (etc.)



References (1)


Original Writing, Style, and Sources Your written assignments should be original writing with solid College-level English and Grammar, and include citations as described in the APA style guide.

Wikipedia is a tertiary (condensed) source of information and should not be used as a reference in your assignments and papers. It is, however, a good resource for finding primary and secondary sources that may be acceptable.