assignment/research in principles of managment

Please note the instructions below and especially

the questions you must answer in the paper. This will be worth 15% to 20% of your grade

in the course. Grades will be determined by:

1) The originality, effort and extent of the research you put in to the answers;

2) Showing good annotations and references to other literature you have used

to support your answers;

3) The extent to which the Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior (OB)

theories and cases support your conclusions.


1) Jack Welch; 2) Steve Jobs; 3) Jeff Bezos

Each of these individuals introduced Management and OB changes in their organizations

and achieved dramatic results on an industry and/or worldwide basis. Each has a list of

“10 Rules for Success”. Each has other, more extensive interviews on you-tube or elsewhere

in the literature.

Assignment Methodology

1) Print out and compare the 10 rules for success?

2) What similarities and differences do you see amount the 3 leaders?

3) What was their thinking on management styles and orgazational structure?

4) With reference to (3) above how did they go about implementing their ideas on management

and organizational strcuture?

5) What results were achieved from the time they made those changes to actually seeing the results?

This can be measured via productivity, market share, profitability, increases in sales or accessing and

becoming successful in new markets or products;

6) What are the results of the company’s performance to date? Jeff Bezos is the only one still in charge

while Welch retired and Jobs passed away from an illness.